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In “The Way We Wish WE Were”, Stephanie Coontz examines her students’ visions of traditional family life, Pleas evaluate the article for the purpose of constructing a comparison and contrast essay wherein you compare the truths of the American past concerning family structures to the reality of American Family life. Read the article entirely and find instances of false ideas about what was in early American Family life compared to what really was, or the facts of reality.

This book takes a critical look at how Americans long for a time that never was.

She also includes many fascinating facts about marriage such as: In the nineteenth century, the age of sexual consent in some states was nine or ten.

Teenage pregnancy peaked in the often-favored 1950s. Families of the 1950s were more diverse and less idyllic than many believe.

Pioneer marriages did not last as long as modern day marriages.

People have when they realize that the reality of their lives doesn't match the myths they have been led to believe. The cherished illusions of the so-called "normal", traditional marriage are just that - illusions.

Stephanie Coontz looks at the historical record and shows us that at no time in history did the family live up to a perfect model. She also teaches us to question the statistics and look at a variety of underlying reasons for historic and contemporary social issues. Please watch this video lecture by Stephanie Coontz on the topic of this book.

family values are what makes people act like they do in certain situations and affects what they care about in life.
When people think of the perfect family, they think of the 1950’s, but that was not what the perfect family.

People in Marigees
When people think of the perfect family, they think of the 1950’s, but that was not what the perfect family.

Modern society is being criticized for its lack of family values and the declining respect. The 1950s are being the basis of comparison. Many blame the the ilss of modern of ills in society its important to recall that drug and

Marrige is different from what it used to be. The things we think are traditional are really just current traditions not practiced back then.

One parent families where the norm in , one parent would die before their children Was ready to leave their home, in the 1970s children would expierence their parents divorcing. Many step families were made but were much worse than thte ones now .

Traditional families back in the day did not protect kids, kids had to sacrifice for their parents. child labor paid for their parents’ retirement. Parents would pull kids out of school to start working.

In “The Way We Wish We Were”,