The Network, "Short Essay"

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Paulyon Paul Network
In the movie “Network”, the television network that was displayed on television around that time(1970s) does not accurately reflect the way that television still works today. What was considered acceptable and fun to watch in today’s society on television would not have even been considered thirty five years ago. The representation of the television networks shown in the movie are outdated compared to today television stations. The aspect of TV is definitely different today from the 1970s.If you take the time out to watch television you will automatically realize how today many reality television shows appear on each channel. Back in the 1970’s there was no such thing as reality television shows. In the movie Diana realized how much TV ratings went up for the UBS network when she allowed Howard to have his own television show where he shares his reality and his angry outrageous views on life, work, and politics. Back then like in the movie, a show like that would be considered inappropriate for TV and pointless because of the cursing and irrelevance for the viewer’s according the TV producers at that time. But now in 2013 when you watch movies, cartoons, and reality shows especially; all you see is obnoxious behavior, cursing, and abnormal antics. In today’s society a majority of viewers are more interested in watching what’s more entertaining rather than what’s more important and informative. Television producers are now putting out more and