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Lesson one

Change is in our nature. We go through little changes everyday (moving houses) to big changes once in a while (moving countries). Changes people go through are: family, wars, death, education, faith, puberty etcetera...

We picked 4 different types of changes and created 4 still images that represent the change. These changes were: Divorce, death, education and puberty. We used symbols/drama mediums in order to make the frozen images of these changes effective and show what they represent to an audience. We use levels ( to show the status of each individual), gestures (to show what images is being portrayed) and facial expressions to reveal the feeling of the characters.

Furthermore, we used thought-tracking to reveal even more information about the character's feeling to the audience making the image clear. Our thought tracking were: Death-"Why did he have to die? He was so young", "Poor child. May he rest in peace". Education- "in today's lesson I will be reading a story to the class". Divorce- " Why are you two always fighting", "this needs to end", "Go to hell!". Puberty- " oh man I am so bored", "Can't wait to go home". Thought tracking is a very useful explorative strategy because it reveals makes any unsure audience member comfortable with the understanding of the play. This is because it gives more information of the play to the audience and it can also emphasis on the feelings of the character.

Lesson two

we each discussed a positive and negative change that has effected us personally for example: losing a loved one, moving to different areas, meeting different people... these link to big changes such as global warming, 9/11, Obama's victory.
My feeling towards America now are a little positive after Obama was elected president. It changed my hatred towards the American people/government. Also the landing of the curiosity rover got me excited and caused me to admire astronomy even more.

We than made a role play in two groups of three's. One group demonstrated the positives of winning the lottery while the other showed the negatives that can come from winning the lottery. We made a roe-play which conveys the negatives that can occur in winning the lottery. In the role-play we were transformed into someone who won the lottery or who was in the family of the lucky winner. Adil, Nurul and Ming did well in their hot seating; they showed realistic facial expressions which are great for catching the audience's attention. They are around 7/10. However, Ming was very good at revealing what age he is portraying to the audience. He was a depressed teenager who only wanted his family to reunite. The primary reason why his hot-seating was successful was because of the facial expression he used which was very believable, followed by the correct use of gestures high-lighting his emotions stating how his parents were on a brisk of divorce as a result of the pressure of money

Lesson three

We continued with the idea of winning the lottery can change someone. We used forum theatre where the audience can stop the play in the middle of an act and offer advise on how what techniques can hep make the scene effective. Different outcomes can also be suggested.

We interfered with Adil's group. His character was too generous with his wealth as he didn't stop to think about the consequences which was a successful way to show a person's personality change. By showing that the character ate at nice restaurants and drove fancy cars, buying expensive clothes/jewellery/watches reveals the changes of the character were significant.

Our group was about identifying the negatives that can come when winning the lottery. The actor of the lottery winner was Shahad. The winning of the lottery changed everything about the character; from being a normal caring person who always spends time with his family, to a greedy, careless, selfish new person. At the beginning of winning the lottery, the character