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The power of one by Bryce Courtenay written in 1989, tells the story of a timid young boy growing up in South Africa during the Second World War. This child, Peekay is sent to boarding school where he becomes bullied on a horrifying scale especially by a boy named Jaapie botha for being British and circumcised, this all changes as one holiday he is sent to Barberton and is introduced into the world of boxing Peekay showing immediate interest therefore he begins to train and win fights becoming recognised and respected winning scholarships to prestigious schools. As his schooling days finish he begins a job in the mines where he meets his old nemesis Jaapie fighting him and knocking him out with this Peekay chisels a union jack and the letters “PK” into himself expressing the end of his journey. I have chosen this text as I believe its shows a great inspiring journey through change of character.

Journey throughout the power of one is expressed through Peekay’s search to understand himself and his place in Africa and to then, form himself. Exploring the thesis of change and understanding in character through journey.

The power of one can be easily related to the Quiet American through the protagonist’s motives for journey; to change there life and find or create happiness as journey is expressed throughout the Quiet American as a tool able to produce this. We can see the relation between the two texts as Peekay uses journey to escape his bullying and create himself and Fowler uses journey as a way to escape past life in Britain.

Throughout the Power of one Bryce Courtenay uses a series of language techniques to express the concept of journey. Imagery and characterisation is used to descriptively tell the things being done to Peekay and the challenges and experiences which he undergoes and characterisation expressing his growth and development throughout his journey from a beaten young boy to a confident fierce young man.

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The Wizard of Oz is a musical adventure film produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Myers in 1939 based on the novel from 1900 the Wonderful Wizard of Oz by l. Frank Baum s. This film tells the tale of a young girl named Dorothy embarking on a journey through an unknown land to return home. She experiences a new world meeting new friends on the yellow brick road accompanying her on her adventure to reach the emerald city to meet the famous Wizard able to return her home. This exploring the thesis of journey as being a destination but with perks and lessons along the way building the person through experiences, challenges and relationships. I have chosen this text as It shows a large amount of journey expressed through Dorothy’s adventure.

The Wizard of Oz can be related to The Quiet American through the journey undertaken by both protagonist to a foreign land for Dorothy this being Oz whereas fowler it’s Vietnam and the way they where both unwillingly dragged into there journey. They both meet people which shape there voyage and destination such as the lion in the Oz to Pyle as they are both expressed being insecure and fearful, as the lion is expressed as a coward as he says “your right I am a coward I don’t have any courage at all” whereas Pyle fear’s women as he trembles at expressing his feelings to Phuong. This highlights the comparison of camaraderie and the importance it has in both texts aiding the protagonist on his journey. Throughout the Wizard of Oz physical journey is portrayed through characterisation expressing the growth, learning and development of the characters throughout their journey particularly as the wizard hands each one a trait specific to there needs and aspiration allowing the audience to witness the physical journey unfold and alter the characters of the text. Physical journey is also expressed through a physical object, this being the yellow brick road representing the journey undertaken by Dorothy.

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