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Part 1
Novel The Pearl, written by John Steinbeck, is the story about young and poor fisherman and diver Kino, who find the “Pearl of the World”. The story takes place in the Mexican coastal Indian village La Paz on the Baja Peninsula. The time when this story happened didn't tell in the novel clearly, so we can only is assume it takes place in the in the early 20th century.
The main characters this parable are Kino, poor pearl diver, his wife Juana and their baby Coyotito. Kino is head of the family; he takes responsibility about his wife and son. Juana is obedient and quiet woman who takes care of the house, husband and son. They live simple life, but they are happy with everything. But all are changing when a scorpion bites Coyotito in a shoulder.
And the story gets interesting but unfortunate developing, uncovers the main theme of this novel how human greed can destroy all important in our life.

Part 2
Body of report
1. Parable is short and simple story illustrating a moral or religious lesson.
A parable is a story with metaphors that contribute to the understand a situation deeper, figure out moral meaning. Therefore, there are two main parts to a parable: the metaphors and the meaning.
One of metaphors can be Kino who represents the reader. We can imagine yourself in his place. His life is normal and habitual, but something bad happens to his son. For Kino his family the most valuable in the life and he ready for anything to save her son. This is the most important. And Destiny make great present for Kino - he find a great Pearl. Initially the Pearl need for payment to a doctor who may cure Kino's son. But when Coyotito get better and Kino get what he want more than anything, he starts wanting more. If in this moment Kino can stops, possible misfortune could be avoided. But Kino can't and greed overcame him. Kino's desires are growing and he is making other plans for the Pearl. Meaning of this part of parable that we must be joyful when our wishes become true, and to be able to stop. Don't become greedy.
2. At the beginning of the novel The Pearl is Hope, gift from Destiny, God's blessing. It gives chance for Coyotito cure, and also for secure future, comfort. But when they can't sell The Pearl and were attacked by thieves, The Pearl become a heavy burden and cause of danger for whole family. In the end of the novel The Pearl symbol Devil, evil and sorrow.
3. I see a few important conflicts in this story. One of them is conflict man and nature. Represented of nature stands scorpion, and conflict happen when scorpion bites Coyotito.
The next conflict man vs. man. In this case we have more situations, for example Kino and Doctor. Doctor refuses to treat Kino's son, and in Kino born hatred. Additionally, conflict between Kino and pearl's dealers. They try to cheat Kino and buy the Pearl for a small price. And for the end we can see conflict Kino and trackers, who open hunting for Kino and his family.
But most important conflict is between Kino with himself, when he from peaceful, happy and optimistic man turns in sad, aggressive and hating.
4. Major theme of the parable is greed and its destructive influence for people lives. The most this affect for Kino and his family. When Kino wishes to get wealth through the pearl, he feels greed, and this sense is changing his from a optimistic, peaceful and happy family man to a nervous, fearful man who killed a man and ready to kill more. Also, the greed harms to live other people, for example men who wanted to steal the Pearl, and was killed by Kino.
And one more important theme for me is "Silence is gold". If the Kino isn't so violently expressed their emotions about the findings, and didn't tell anyone about it, then maybe everything was fine. There would be no envy, deceit. He would sell the pearl easily, unnecessarily sellers do not have time to negotiate each other. In Russian is proverb “My tongue - my enemy”. And this right to a tee