The Perfect World In Lois Lowry's The Giver

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The theme of Lowry’s novel The Giver is to show us how the world can not be perfect. We always need some pain and know the real way to express our feelings. Everyone needs to know that we can learn from our mistakes. People can not live in one society where the government or other person control each of our movements. We can not never have a perfect world because there is going to be always something wrong and something that makes you feel bad or disappointed. Nowadays people need to pass through obstacles to make the right decisions though sometime we took the easy way to get out of the obstacles. Some people think that doing easy decision is going to be the best but sometimes the easy way is not the one that is good. We need to make our …show more content…
He was afraid to his new assignment. Lois Lowry relates in the book The Giver that, “ His mind had shut out all of the earlier emotions: The anticipation, excitement, pride, and even the happy kinship with his friends”(Page 59). This means that Jonas was scared about his assignment and in the moment that the government told his charge he did not know to feel or react while the woman was giving the charge. The importance of memory has something to do with feelings and emotions because we need to remember things while the time pass. We need to remember memories with every person that pass through our life and the lessons that they give to us. In the same way Lois Lowry tells us that, “ If everything’s the same then there aren’t any choices!”(Page 97). This told us the point that if you can not make choices life is going to be bored and there is going to be a routine that demands how you have to do the things everyday. Everyone needs to take their own decisions to live the way that they want to live but in The Giver they can not do that because the government took the control over the population and the way that they have to live. Without memory you can not remember the bad decisions that you made and you are not going to repeat them, this means that you are going to live without any pain or