The Population of Cairo, Egypt Essay

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Cairo- Population Cairo is one of the most densely populated capital cities in the world. Cairo population is approximately 17 million. It is the most populous metropolitan area in Africa and also ranks 16th amongst the most populous metropolitan area in the world. Majority of the population in Cairo are Egyptians, with less number of foreigners.
Egyptians, Berbers, Bedouin, Hamitic Arabs and Nubians are different ethnic groups in Cairo population. Majority of the Egyptians are Sunni Muslims and the Christians in Cairo are mainly of Coptic origin.
Christians dominated the population of Cairo before the Muslim invasion. Density of Cairo population within the city is high than the suburbs. Inner city population in Cairo is swelling daily with the influx of workers from the suburbs. These workers migrate to the city in search of livelihood and better living conditions.
Increase in population of Cairo shows an upward trend. One third of the total population in Cairo is under 15 and nearly three fifth is under 30. The positive implication is that Cairo population is relatively young. Life expectancy averages for both men and women is 70 years. The literacy rate of Cairo is around 52 %.
The Government of Egypt has adopted positive measures to control the burgeoning population in the city. It is encouraging the people to adopt effective birth control measures and is fast spreading the idea of family planning. Education among women ranks high in priority. Cairo has