The Portable Computer Essay

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The Portable Computer A laptop can be defined as a small portable computer. Laptops have come a long way ever since the first one has been released. Prices have dropped (Experiment Garden), memories have been increased, and laptops make business/school work a little bit easier. Early laptops were mainly used for businesses, but now, the modern laptops can be use for businesses or for personal use. Many people usually take his or her laptop anywhere so that work can be finished, so there would be no more long hours in the library or the office.
Buying a laptop is a good investment to look forward to. Many name brand companies such as Dell, HP, Gateway, and Toshiba have affordable laptops starting at as low as three hundred dollars (Smith). There are many reasons in purchasing a laptop. One is that it can be brought to any public place desired, laptops are now affordable, people can communicate through them via webcam, and laptops are a useful tool to have if a person is a student or an office employee. Laptops also have many advantages. People can use laptops where a normal desktop computer cannot be used such as in a bus, car, plane, or train. Other advantages are that a laptop is lightweight, easy to carry, can connect to wi-fi networks or cellular data services, saves power by running on battery, and most of all the laptop is built as an all-in-one device. With these advantages, there are also disadvantages of owning a laptop. Many people suffer from neck pains, headaches from staring at the screen to long and the most talked about disadvantage are thigh burns (Smith). Every laptop gives out heat and if the laptop has been exposed to skin for a certain amount of time, the heat can burn a person severely. Throughout the years, the laptop has grown technology wise. Light-up keyboards, webcams, blu-ray players, touch screen, memory, and many more options have been added (Experiment Garden). Options like those listed really improved the looks on modern day laptops. Many people use the webcam to communicate with each other. Some use the webcam for business meetings and some use it to talk to family who are maybe in a different state or country. Having a light-up keyboard is useful so that if a student is taking notes in a dimmed classroom, he or she can see what keys are being pressed. Memory is a big part of the laptop no matter who owns one (Lyon). The bigger the memory, the faster the laptop can process softwares and programs. Also, more memory equals more storage space, so if a person has lots of documents, games, music, picture, and videos, they wouldn’t have to worry about deleting other files to make more room. That is why most laptops have the option of expanding the memory the device currently has (10 Best).
A wireless mouse, drawing pads, laptop bags, game controllers, cooling fan and external speakers are some of many examples of laptop add-on accessories. Using a wireless mouse can be helpful if one cannot get use to the mouse track-pad that is built onto the laptop. If a person is an artist, in example a comic book artist, then a drawing pad would be great for the job because the pad would save paper and pencils from being wasted on mistakes. Important accessories to have are the laptop bags and a cooling fan. Having a laptop bag is important because when traveling no person wouldn’t want to have