The Problem of Bullying Essay

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In a lifetime, many things will happen. Life throws many, many obstacles and the occasional mountain that we need to climb over. Everyone’s journey is different, they are learning the rights and wrongs of doing things, it may be difficult to get through a certain obstacle but it will not stop you from getting to you destination. The achievement of reaching their goal and reaching the finish line of life, you will reflect on everything you do. When you reflect, you will think of not why you did those things. But, how you did that certain task, that is what’s the important thing to know.
The most difficult thing I have overcame was bullying when I was younger. It started in kindergarten, I was teased and ridiculed just because I was different from all of the other kids. I am born in America, pure Chinese blood and I am proud of my background. Never will I ever be ashamed of that. The kids teased me about what they saw on the outside, a tall, lanky, small­eyed, yellow, Chinese girl with a speech problem. Of course I had been given many nicknames “Jackie” was the most popular, “Chink” I need not to say more about that, and
“London Tipton” because she is known to be dumb and Asian. I didn’t fit into the stereotype of
“All asians are smart, or great at math.” Mathematics has always been my weakest subject and iI had tutoring at Kumon for about 6 months.
Speech was difficult for me to deal with, i’m still not sure what kind of problem that was, but i was made fun of because of that. I didn’t have an accent, (which I am happy about) I attended speech class everyday to get better so i would not get teased. But of course, I still did.
After about 1 year i had improved