The Progressive Era In The United States

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The Progressive Era was the period in the US from about the turn of the 20th century to the end of WW1, during this period there was a great deal of social change, led by widespread activism for the rights of women and minorities, social reforms driven by an overall sense that the government should take a more active role in helping with social and political issues.
The Progressives were a collect group that sought to change the way American Democracy would be shaped. The Progressive Era in the United States was from around the beginning for the 20th century until around the end of World War I. Progressives believed in they had a duty to help people who were less fortunate, this stemming from a shrinking middle class, the progressives wanted to make an impact on the way the social and economic policies influenced America. By prioritizing things that had a direct impact on their day to day lives, they were able to spearhead specific plans. Primarily being issues on racism, acceptance of immigrants, the abuse of corporate America and the control they had on the American people, and addressing a democracy that allows for the people as a whole to decide the way America is shaped into a true republic. Many of these issues seem to be reoccurring today.
Muckrakers’ often contributed to the progressive movement by having the ability to reach large numbers of people through their journalistic abilities. However, they
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I believe, progressive intellectuals addressed many of the issues that plagued our country during the Progressive Era, and wanted to guarantee that all citizens had a voice. They created reforms and acts that the addressed multiple issues such as women’s rights, protections for the American people from big business and helping to inhibit abuses from people in positions of