The Pros And Cons Of Universal Healthcare

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Should America switch to a universal healthcare system permanently? This question truly is the great debate. Since the beginning of time, doctors and medical treatments have been a priority, and many governments around the world have switched to a system in which they provide care for their citizens. However, the real controversy is whether the state has an obligation to create a system of universal health care, or if privatized locations should have the ability to provide this service. While some may argue that expanded universal health care will pave the way to a more protected nation, this is simply not the case as it will wreak havoc on the already existing medical programs, it will greatly heighten the country’s economic debt, it will …show more content…
Universal healthcare will decrease the number of private practices out there. Private practices will be overrun by government regulations and will become less desirable positions. They also have the potential to be excluded. When referring to the Affordable Care Act Craig Wax said, “Private physicians were largely excluded from Obamacare plans.” (Wax, par 3). Despite promises from president Obama to include private practices in his plan, many were flat out ignored and passed by because of the act. When the government gets involved, with health care in this situation, they enforce strict regulations. These restrictions may prove to be too much, and will drive away potential practices. This can be attributed to the people’s belief that, “We want physician practice rights and patient rights to choose and buy the care they want, when and where they want it.” (Wax, par 2). Universal health care will lessen the pay for private entities. While it is free to go elsewhere, these practices need to lower prices to get patients back in ultimately ruining the privatized side of healthcare. The last negative aspect of universal health care is the