What Are The Pros And Cons Of Universal Healthcare

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Doesn't the idea of a universal healthcare system sound like a great idea? Many agree, but many others would also disagree. Universal healthcare would provide health care and financial protection to everyone that lived in the United States. A universal healthcare system would be funded by the government. The pros of universal healthcare would be free health care and less costs for individuals and families, equal access and the cons of universal healthcare are longer wait times at the doctor's office and increasing government debt.

Universal healthcare could possibly benefit everyone in several different ways. In the article, "Should All Americans Have The Right (Be Entitled) To Health Care?" the author states, "According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 26% of Americans report that they or a family member had trouble paying for medical bills in 2012, and 58% reported that they delayed or did not seek medical care due to cost" (healthcare.procon.org). With the being said, health care is often too
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According to the author of the article, "Pros and Cons of Universal Health Care", "Since this type of system is run by the government there can be a lot of red tape and bureaucracy that can result in poor care especially if the country is already poor and doesn’t have a lot of revenues to spend on the care of its citizens" (formosapost.com). Waiting at the hospital or doctor's office is never a fun experience. A universal healthcare system would only make matters worse. The article also states, "..causes an increase in taxes as the system needs to be paid for. The overall costs if the system can be draining on a country and causes large debts" (formaspost.com). Forming a universal health care system would cost millions of dollars. The U.S. may or may not be able to keep up and afford all of the costs. A universal healthcare system may lead to a economic