Essay The Rainmaker

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"A client's not supposed to become personally involved with his client. But there's all kinds of lawyers. And all kinds of clients, too." The Rainmaker portrays Rudy Baylor, a young, prospective lawyer, trying to make it in the legal world. Upon just entering this "new world," he is thrown into the middle of three cases and left to handle them practically on his own. Under much stress and pressure, Rudy makes some important decisions in this movie. Although these decisions were significant, were they ethical? When dealing with his cases involving Kelly Riker, Mrs. Birdie, and Great Benefit, Rudy may have gotten a little too personal and crossed the line between lawyers and clients in some events. These codes of professional …show more content…
Rudy is put up to this big trial by his boss, Bruiser (J. Lyman Stone), who at the time is too busy dodging the police due to his own unethical practices. Rudy covers this case along with Deck who does not even have his license to practice law, another unethical action. Donnie Ray Black, the plaintiff, has been diagnosed with leukemia and his mother, Dot Black, is seeking insurance coverage from Great Benefit. She is refused several times and the eighth, and final time, she receives an extremely rude letter of denial from Everet Luftkin, vice president of claims. He writes that she is "stupid, stupid stupid" for even attempting. Rudy found evidence against Great Benefit and Mr. Leo F. Drummond (leader of Great Benefit) showing that there were missing clauses, specifically section "U" from the main guidebook, which stated that all cases would be rejected and that any money would be collected by the company. In the mean time, Donnie Ray grew very ill and did not have much time left. In this brief period of time, Rudy spent many of his days at the Black household with hopes to fast track the trial due to these circumstances. Rudy grows very close with the Black family during his visitations which I believe to be completely ethical. Although he became attached again, this case is different than the one with Kelly Riker. Rudy feels pain and sorrow for the family during their hardship and