The Ravine Short Story

Words: 269
Pages: 2

In the short story “The Ravine” , Vinny and Joe-Boy are best friends but they have many differences and similarities between them. You can compare and contrast a lot about Joe-Boy and Vinny’s character traits. Joe-Boy and Vinny are very different in the story. One way is Joe-Boy is very mean and rude to Vinny, meanwhile Vinny is very nice and kind and doesn’t want to be rude to Joe-Boy. The story also states that Vinny is super scared to be in the ravine where the boy had died and is weak for disobeying his mother by going to the ravine because his friends wanted him to while, Joe-Boy is very brave, he isn’t afraid that the boy had died there. Finally on page 7 it says that Joe-Boy is very stubborn, because he wouldn’t let Vinny get