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Analysis the recruitment process of the Warehouse stationary company
Executive Summary The warehouse stationary (WSL) operates under the Warehouse group Limited. WSL are using online job application, job interview and psychometrics assessment in their recruitment process. Using an e-recruitment in WSL is effective, cost less and faster method under condition of time consuming, expenditure cost, speed, and updating information. Conversely it may also create unfairness for candidates in term of internet access and knowledge of using e-recruitment and it also decrease interaction between employers and employees. Providing some information such as culture, values, and environment in workplace for applicants is one of the recruitment methods to attract the right person and ensure that those applicants are fit in WSL. Since WSL only use online channel to advertise the job, it might decrease an opportunity to get the potential candidates. While WSL still want to attract the suitable candidates for the new job available, it is the fact that WSL might not be able to provide all of recruitment channels for the job seekers. WSL may need to use more channels apart from online network to increase a chance to get the suitable person. Analyzing between internal and external recruitment, WSL preferred searching for new employees from outside, because WSL are fast growing organization and they need staff vacancies quickly and new employees help to find out new managerial way. The external candidates help to push current employees to improve and learn new skills Job interview might be the best way to prove candidates’ communication skills, due to communication skills cannot judge from written documents. Some group of applicants might find that job interview is an uncomfortable process for them. But communication skill is one of the key to have a successful business. So that WSL made a good decision to use the job interview in the recruitment. Psychometric test only apply for the salaried candidates. Either salaried employees or waged employees may have to work in the same tasks; even they have difference pay method (salaried or waged). This may increase inequality for the candidates. WSL may have to apply psychometrics test for every candidates to increase fairness. Recruitment process in WSL is operating in the right way, but they may need to adjust some method to make more suitable and effective for both organization and applicants to apply for the new job available.

Introduction Is the Warehouse stationary choosing the right method of recruitment process? Employees in an organization are an essential factor in production activities. Having a right person with the right skill matching with the right task is one of the main problems for the organization. Recruitment process is one of the methods used in managing human resource to allow organization to hire suitable persons on the job needs based. The purpose of this report is to summarize the current (existing) recruitment process of human resource management at the Warehouse stationary and to analysis the nature and consequence of recruitment method in this organization with providing the recommendations. The Warehouse stationary (WSL) operates under the Warehouse Group Limited. WSL is stationary retailer in New Zealand (NZ). WSL sales wide range of stationary products such as office furniture, stationary requirement, Arts and Craft, Writing, paper, seasonal, copy centre, and business machines and consumables. In 1995, WSL started up with 8 physical stores within New Zealand. Until 2008, WSL had 46 stores throughout (Warehouse stationary, n.d.). The Warehouse stationary divides recruitment method (currently using) into two categories. The first group is for salaried applicants. In this option, applicants will do online application with uploading their Curriculum Vitae (CV) and answering few questions. Then they will step up through phone interview,