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University of Phoenix Material

Employee Portfolio

Complete one matrix for each employee.

Employee name: ___Ronnie Custis______________________

|Self Assessment |Results Summary |Strengths |Weaknesses |
|How Satisfied Am I |Mostly satisfied with his job. |Feelings of accomplishment, |Co-workers getting along, pay, and |
|with My Job? | | |policies in place |
|Am I Engaged? |Not very engaged and easily |Pretty neutral throughout |Not interested or amused during |
| |distracted. | |studying or in class |
|How Are You Feeling |Was mainly happy with job but |Very happy, enthusiastic, excited, |Distressed and fearful at times. |
|Right Now? |worries and is sad at times. | |Also sad and worried |
|What’s My Affect |Not a very intense person but |Understands people and their |Sometimes lack showing emotions and|
|Intensity? | |emotions and needs |sympathy |
|What’s My Emotional |Very strong socially and never |Bounce back after setbacks, great |Wants things now and lacks patience|
|Intelligence Score? |gives up. Catches little ques |in social situations | |
|Am I A Deliberate |Seemed to be very anxious and |Choose words with care, thinking |Making rash decisions, jump to do |
|Decision Maker? |direct. Not a great d/maker |before making a decision |things w/o thinking |

Management recommendations: I recommend Ronnie be given more responsibility because he is a hard worker and does understand and get along with all types of people. He seems to enjoy his job but doesn’t seem challenged enough which is causing him to disengage. We should follow up with additional surveys to get to the root cause of his lack of engagement and work with him on how to become a strong decision maker in the organization.
Employee name: __Paul Green_______________________

|Self Assessment |Results Summary |Strengths |Weaknesses |
|How Satisfied Am I |Not very satisfied with his job and|Chance to work with people within |Not happy with management and their|
|with My Job? |is negative |the community |decision making |
|Am I Engaged? |Only engaged if he is interested |Studies impress him to keep pushing|Does not push forward or persevere |
| | |forward | |
|How Are You Feeling |Very unhappy and not very cheerful |Feels enthusiastic at times |Not happy or excited about being |
|Right Now? |to be working here | |here. Very angry |
|What’s My Affect |Not very emotional and struggles to|Not very emotional and pretty calm |Does not understand others emotions|
|Intensity? |understand others em. | |and doesn’t notic reactions |
|What’s My Emotional |Very distant and difficult |Bounces back after a negative |Doesn’t think before he acts and |
|Intelligence Score? |understanding his true feelings |occurrence |wants things now |
|Am I A Deliberate |Not a good decision and would make |Understands why he does the things |Rushes into things without |