The Relationship Between Social Media and Public Relations Essay

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This article examines the important role of social media to public relations practitioners. The researcher wants to investigate the innovation of social media through the case study of Obama presidential campaign and public health issue. Moreover social media can bring destruction to the organization, if the user misuses the social media. Social media has brought a new challenge to the society. The researcher use intensive interview and focus group toward public relations practitioners to explore how important the social media did to them and the negative outcome of social media. The researcher use quantitative method – survey to examine the appetency of the social media among different size of community.

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(Solis, 2010, p. 36) Within the social media, the global become much smaller place.
One of the journal found by the researcher state that some evidence that the direct communication and interaction offered by blog and mircoblog can improve relationship strength as perceived by stakeholders. (Gilpin, 2010) Two familiar mircoblogging- Twitter and Facebook are used wisely by the organization nowadays. Because mircoblogging consisting of short updates that can be posted online. User can create instant message and get the instant feedback on Twitter and Facebook. A number of companies have begun using Twitter to communicate directly with stakeholders; these include Comcast, Baskin-Robbin, Jet Blue, and Zappos, among others. (Gilpin, 2010). Both blogging and mircoblogging are thus increasingly accepted as part of organizational reputation management strategies. Blogs or mircoblogging account may have multiple administrators to manage or multiple accounts establish by the organization to meet different field of stakeholder. Moreover, the integration of the new media and tradition media create a great impact of the stakeholder. News releases are frequently available directly to stakeholder through online press rooms and other electronic forms of distribution. (Gilpin, 2010) It would help the stakeholder to perceive and receive the information through variety of social media and help the