The Relationship Of Philosophical And Theological Truths

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The Relationship of Philosophical and Theological Truths Mankind has always struggled with the idea of balancing the ideals that are brought upon by philosophical inquiry and theological truths. While these two forces have been pitted against each other throughout time, one can see that there is a distinct relationship between them. Theology on one hand has given us the tools and knowledge that mankind needed to live for the sake of our creator. While philosophy is a man made tool made to further understand the relationship man has with God, and His world that we are living in. Throughout time man has pitted these two forces against each other, however without one the other has no purpose to man, and would be lost in the depths of history. Scripture, faith, and religion has brought mankind forward in a way that is completely irreplaceable, and without it we would still be in a time where intelligent people would be debating on the concept of right and wrong. Without God’s word to guide us we are left with ourselves to determine what would be deemed to be a righteous act. Also without the scripture, we would be left to believe that there is less to life, as a whole, and would be detrimental to the previously mentioned debate. The Word given to us by God, has given mankind knowledge over right and wrong so that we can proceed with out lives, instead of living with doubt about how one should live their life, especially if there is no grand scheme for consequences for doing something unrighteous. Without the idea that one has to live well to obtain entry into heaven, and without this concept mankind would be lead to believe there is now higher purpose for their own individual lives, and would live according there own personal views. Although mankind is intelligent, an unethical person would be detrimental to the development of society. Mankind has accepted the fact that there is a higher power in their lives, and are guided by the scriptures that God has given us. We have faith in Him, His plan for us, and His views upon the separation of dark and light, or rather good and evil. In fact this separation of light and darkness is one of the first actions that God chose to distinguish with Genesis. God continues his work and creates a dome of water, which we learned to be our atmosphere. His work continues with the land we stand on today, and the heavens that we use to mark the progression of time. He made vegetation, and animals to live upon this earth along side with us. God made all of these great things for us to live with and along with yet He chooses not to give us the knowledge that came along with them. After human kind is placed on the earth God saw that He created man kind to make their own choices and saw that these choices could be evil, such as the story of Noah’s Arc. As Genesis continues God has specifically chosen stories and teaching that help mankind understand right from wrong and the consequences that come along with unrighteous decisions. Within Genesis, not once was it mentioned that mankind should limit themselves and not use the abilities that God has given them as they live upon the earth. According to Genesis God said “ Let us make humankind in our image… and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over he birds of that air, and over the cattle, and over all the wild animals of the earth,” (Line 26) so that we can rule over and live upon the earth without fear, and learn about what we have dominance over. We have been given the scripture to understand the creation of all of these things that we live with, yet our own curiosity compels us to inquire deeper into what has been created rather then accept it as just something that God decided to make. While we have chosen to believe these scriptures by faith we have not been given the knowledge of the true depth of everything we hold faithfully. We are given these scriptures and choose to have faith and follow God’s words, however what we