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Gold Medalists
By :Armaan Over the years, historians have talked about the Renaissance and called it the time of change where mostly everything from laws to church to the people to cities to schools of Europe changed. The Renaissance was a time when the people of Europe felt betrayed by the church because of corruption and a man named Martin Luther brought it to the forefront through his 95 theses on the church door. When Gutenberg invented the printing press everyone knew about the 95 theses and most Europeans broke away from the Catholic Church to form the Protestant Reformation. The Renaissance inspired young people like Leonardo da Vinci, Vasco da Gama, and Copernicus to make a change in the world. The three gold medalists who influenced the renaissance movement through their revolutionary ideas are Christine de pisan a revolutionary person, universities an inspiring institution where great minds flourished and expansionism. After considering all the influential people involved in the Renaissance it is clear that Christine de pisan was the most important person of the changing times. De pisan was a woman who changed the Renaissance worldview on women. De pisan wanted women to participate more in society and believed that both men and women should have the same rights. She was also one of the women to get education which inspired her to become a humanist writer, one of her writing is “men and woman should not be judged on gender but on their abilities and virtues”. Some people might think Machiavelli is the best humanist writer because of his books, in one of his books called “The Prince” he says, “The end justifies the means”. In his writings he also talks and espouses his beliefs about what a leader should be like and how a city should be governed. Even though Machiavelli had these great ideas, I still think Christine de pisan was the best writer because of her position in the government and her views on equality of men and women. She protested about the rights of women to have access to education and to be known in society for their abilities and accomplishments. After researching it is clear that Christine de pisan was the greatest person in the renaissance because of her efforts to help society understand that men and women should have equal rights and women should not be discriminated against because of their gender.

Even though Christine de pisan was a protester for women and fought for women rights, universities was one of the most important inventions which sparked an idea in Gutenberg .Universities helped the Renaissance movement to grow. The publishing of books caught Gutenberg and led to the discovery of the printing press in 1488. The universities had libraries which had books, manuscripts, documents which were a valuable resource to teach. These universities taught others which was and still is very important. These teachings taught the people who attended the universities and then went back to society to transfer the information to those who didn`t come to the universities. Some people might think the printing press was the most important invention in the renaissance. In a way it was but the source for the printing press was the knowledge base already present in the university. Before the printing press knowledge was dispersed through hand written a book which was time consuming and not everyone could get access to the few books that were there. After looking at universities from all perspectives it is clear that the university was the most important inventions of the renaissance because universities were a place where humanist’s writers, scholars and others gathered to discuss ideas to make something better like a proper parachute or scuba gear. It was the place where great minds met and gave birth to novel inventions.

Even though universities were a place where great ideas developed, expansionism boosted the European economy to survive. Expansionism