The Resources England Needed for Industrialization Essay

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The resources that England needed for industrialization was coal to fuel their machines iron to construct machines, tools, and buildings, and wool and cotton to merchants their profits by speeding up the process by which spinners and weavers made cloth.

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Factory workers were available because there was only a little bit of jobs for people. Only minimum of people could get jobs and the others would have to wait. There were more people out of a job then ones that was working.

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Workers in any factory was so productive because that was employed worked more then one distinct operation. It would be better if they had a little help from other, but it seems that with a small factory. Only a little bit of people can be in there and therefore have to work as hard as they can.

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The geography helped England industrialize by the sea only being seventy miles from England, which it needs to fuel the machines, there’s coal and iron near by for them to construct machines, tools, and building, and wool to create new cloth and bring up new profits to sell.

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The innovation lead to the Industrial Revolution in England by inventions being created, rarely people in the community devised of labor have developed, and the English scientific discoveries were linked together. All these patterns go together as one of the purpose of innovation leading to the Industrialization Revolution.

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The power loom, flying shuttle, and water frame was the most important in increasing textile production