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The industrial revolution began in the mid 1700’s in England. The industrial revolution was the boom in industrialization of machinery where machines replaced manual labor of goods. As the industrial revolution spread it eventually went throughout all of Europe and some of Asia and the United States. This made transportation easier and faster, products more useful, and everything cheaper. Many factors led to the start of the industrial revolution in England. One factor that led to the industrial revolution in England is that England had a lot of brilliant people who invented many of the machines that were used during the revolution. People like this include: Jethro Tull, invented the seed drill, James Hargreaves, invented the spinning jenny, George Stephenson, who created the world’s first railroad, and other brilliant inventors that greatly improved technology. Without people like James Hargreaves the textile industry would never have industrialized, or at least not until much later. These inventors advanced technology for the entire world. Another factor that led to the start of the industrial revolution was that England had all of the necessary natural resources for the revolution. They had the water power and coal that ran the machines and iron ore to make the machines and tools used during the revolution. As well as many rivers and harbors that supported transportation. England was one of the few countries that had all of these natural resources and the machines required these resources in order to run.
Finally a last factor that led to the start of the industrial revolution was that England had a large population of workers. With a lot of workers there were enough people to work the large number of jobs that the industrial revolution