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The Road Essay The book The Road, written by Cormac McCarthy, is a book about a boy and his father who has pretty much lost all morals and compassion trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. They do so by hiding, scavenging, and even killing when necessary. You have to have to have compassion to have morals. Morality and compassion are very closely tied in this novel. If you lack one you lack the other. To have morals you need to be compassionate. Like when the thief steals the cart from the man and his son, the man lacks all compassion for the thief so on top of taking the cart back he makes the thief take off all of his clothes and put them I the cart too so he is left with absolutely nothing.
“Take your clothes off.”
“Come on, man. I’ll die,”…
“I’m going to leave you the way you left us(pg.256-257).”
The son, however, still has compassion and convinces his father on more than one occasion to think about and reconsider the morality of the situation they are in and gets him his father to be more compassionate. The son is the only reason the man shows any morals at all. The lack of compassion in this book is almost unbearable because it is not even close to today’s world. Not one person in this novel shows compassion except the boy and the people who come to save him after his father dies. The only thing the boy is worried about is staying the good guys and “carrying the fire (283).” Nothing else is important to him. He always wants to help people and make sure they are okay. The lack of compassion is shown in everyone