The Role Of Punishment In Greek Mythology

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In the Greek myth about the seasons, Demeter punished Sicily by bringing forth a drought, the death of farmers’ and their oxen, commanding the earth to shrivel and mold the seeds it harbored, and “a deluge of rain” because of the absence of her daughter (“Demeter and Persephone” 96).
In the Nigerian Myth, Olokun was angry at Obatala for “usurping her power and rule a large part of her kingdom,” so “she summoned the great waves of her vast ocean and sent them surging across the land that Obatala created” (“The Creation of the Universe and Ife” 513).
The waves killed vegetation and humans.

This is important because it shows the power of the gods and how critical the punishment can be towards the Earth, from conflict between gods.
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In fear of losing his power, Cronus swallowed every child birthed by Rhea except for one, Zeus. When Zeus matured, he fought his father along with the titans, and Zeus’ ally, Hundred-Handed Giants, Cyclopes and his brothers Hades and Poseidon. “Zeus hurled his invincible lightning bolt, which engulfed in flames whatever it touched. [...] Finally the Titans fled beneath the earth into Tartarus, where the Hundred- Handed Giants placed them in chains for eternity in that dark, dismal land.