United States and Spanish American War Essay

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American Imperialism
Growth of America as an Empire
__________________- Stronger countries extend political, economic, or political control over weaker nations
American Imperialism based on 3 factors
Growth of _______________strength
Growth of new ______________ markets
Spread cultural __________________
Military strength
Alfred T. Mahan- urged America to build strong navy
1883-1890- nine steel hulled fleet ships
Modern battleships such as Maine and Oregon
“_____________________” became third strongest navy in world
Economic Growth
Growth in American production leads to need in overseas trade
Seen as a way to fight economic depression
Utilized Imperialism over islands to promote _______________ in trade
Cultural Superiority
Wanted to spread __________________, Anglo Saxon views
Spread “_____________________” based on American ideals
___________________ the world
William ________________- Secretary of state under Lincoln
Convinces congress to buy Alaska from __________________ for $7.2 million in 1867
Became state in _______, contained timber, minerals, and oil
_____________________ on islands held ¾ of the wealth
Many were sugar planters trading with US
Wanted _________________ to avoid trade taxes
Already had Pearl Harbor military base and knew of trade importance
Hawaiian Monarch Falls
1891- Queen _________________takes control of kingdom
Bases new political ideas on “Hawaii for Hawaiians” in order for fair practices
Marines overthrow Monarchy, Sanford B. __________ becomes governor
Fully annexed in 1897, McKinley does so without majority of Hawaiians voting to do so
Becomes ____th state in 1959
Spanish American War
American interest in ________
Offered to buy, Spain- “rather see Cuba sunk”
First Cuban Revolt- attempted to break Spanish control, Failed
Abolish slavery in Cuba
Stirred American sympathies
Led to investments by Americans in ____________ plantations
2nd Cuban Independence
Jose Martí- led idea of Cuban ________________
Educated in America, saw how interests would be affected
Idea to destroy American interests in Cuba, thus causing a provocation with Spain
Warned against Spanish rule, but also against American control
War in Cuba
Spain sends Gen. ___________ to end rebellion
Sends rural population of Cuba into ‘Concentration Camps’
Stop civilians and rebels from working together
300,000 sent, thousands die
Provokes more American sympathies
Provoking Americans
____________________Journalism- William Randolph Hearst
Writings about Cuba that were exaggerated to show Spain’s wrongs
Fueled American ideas against Spain
“You furnish the pictures, I’ll furnish the war”
_______________ letter- accused McKinley of being weak, criticized policies, further pushed Americans
USS Maine
February 15, 1898- USS ____________ explodes in Havana Harbor
260 killed
Blamed on Spain
No one really sure
Final push towards war with Spain
America declares War
Commodore George Dewey takes fleet to Manila, __________________
Destroyed every Spanish ship
Fought with Filipino rebels against Spanish forces
War in Caribbean
Begins with ______________ of Cuba
Forces land in June, 1898
17,000 forces including “____________”- volunteer Calvary under Theodore Roosevelt
Make uphill charge at Kettle Hill
Leads to infantry attack and victory at ______________ Hill
Two days later Spanish fleet destroyed on Cuban coast
“Splendid Little War”
Treaty of Paris results
Spain frees Cuba
Guam and Puerto Rico to United States
Sold Philippines for $20 million
Imperialism grows with victory
Booker T. Washington- settle ___________race issues before expanding to other places
Samuel Gompers- feared Filipinos would take ___________
How much would expansion continue?
I am an anti-imperialist. I am opposed to having the eagle put its talons on any other land.
Mark Twain
William Jennings Bryan
No expansion or colonization/ involvement in world