The Stolen Party Symbolism

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Everyone has been used before. In The Stolen Party by Liliana Heker, Rosaura gets used as a helper when she thinks she is a guest. She wasn’t the friends she thought she was, but only a lower class helper, and the daughter of an employee. In the story the monkey is the magician's pet. The monkey is also kept in a cage like how Rosaura is kept in the lower class. While someone could say that the author uses more descriptive language. This is not true because there is more symbolism used than descriptive language. Another possible symbol is the party itself. The party can symbolize what Rusaura wants, but cannot have. In this story the author the author uses symbolism. The monkey in the story is used to describe Rosaura as a lower class citizen. This is because at the end of the story she is called a pet like how the monkey is the magician's pet. hen Rosaura first sees the monkey it's in a cage. This symbolizes how Rosaura is trapped as a lower class citizen and cannot move up. The monkey is a symbol of Rosaura and her being in the lower class. One possible counter someone could make is that the author uses more descriptive language than symbolism; this isn’t true because there isn’t that much description in the story. Furthermore, there are obvious symbols in the story, but finding some descriptive language …show more content…
The magicians pet, the monkey is a main symbol to the story. It symbolizes Rosaura being a helper and a pet to Senora Ines. Nothing more, nothing less, just a helper. A possible argument someone could make is that the author's main craft is descriptive language. This isn’t true because there are multiple symbols and the author uses the symbols to describe. The party is another symbol that shows what Rosaura wants. It also serves as a reminder that Rosaura is in the lower class and more of a pet than a guest. Symbols like the monkey and the party are used to describe Rosaura and how she is a pet and lower