the strains of a failed marriage Essay example

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The transition to maturity, often a prolonged experience i found my self gaining responsibility earlier than expected. Growing up were some of the greatest years of my life, joyfull and filled with happiness, long days playing with my neighbors in our backyards, and waiting till dark to go in for dinner.

As i transitioned to my teens i found my plentiful joy had waned. Coming home to a stressful environment the strong unity of my family had been lost as time continued. Attempting to stay positive i found my parents marriage had lost its lust, the excitement of my childhood seemed to withdraw to a vague memory. I always had an understanding for my circumstances, and never succumbed to any state of depression. I was aware that this was something that was supposed to happen yet never wanted it too. When my parents finally sat me down and told me they were separating just for a little while i knew it would never be the same. Not accustomed to change, the inevitability of this had always affected my perspective of my family life. I found myself acting more and more mature and appreciated this ability. I was still a kid and the second youngest of my family yet felt i needed to be the oldest.

My sisters had their independence, before they left for college they had stayed in their rooms my only with their friends. I was in a tough spot as my brother had been experiencing emotional difficulty that i hadn't experienced. I learned a lot as i helped him through this as he