The Test In The Crucible

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The term crucible can be defined as an object to melt an object; the term can also be used to define to put someone or an object to the test. Arthur Miller, the author of “The Crucible” uses the term as a hint to the audience. The characters in the play forego many tests throughout this play, however very few succeed. Miller may have used the term to tell the audience, the character’s true colors will show. One character that shows failures from the beginning is Reverend Samuel Parris, not only does he not faith in the townspeople, but does he not have complete faith in God. When Betty, his daughter, is in a state of shock, he suspects witchcraft, but does not want to admit it to himself. Finally, when he accepts it was witchcraft he does …show more content…
John failed in his marriage, his faith and himself. When John committed adultery, with Abigail Williams, he failed his marriage and his faith but, later redeemed himself when Abigail pursed him and he rejects her. When he told Abigail “I will cut my hand off before I ever reach for you again” (177) at this moment he respected his wife and himself. John also redeemed himself when he did not confess to witchcraft. His wife told him “I cannot judge you, John” (236), when he was given a chance to confess to witchcraft he did not, that shows the respected himself and God. This choice of word shows Elizabeth is a supportive wife but a forgiving one, many wives do not do forgive their husbands for such a terrible action. Abigail Williams is one of the characters who undergo many tests. However, she did not pass any of the test that was placed upon her. One of her common failures is lying. For example, she accused many of witchcraft, when they were innocent, trying to get out of a lie she created. Abigail and few more girls went to the wood and committed witchcraft, which is strictly forbidden. God gave her many chances to confess about the witchcraft but never did. She failed her faith, herself, and many