The Time Traveller's Wife Analysis

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Throughout the book of ‘the time traveller’s wife’ there are a number of different chapters that let you look at both Henry and Clair’s viewpoint. These are the main characters. During the book, different chapters signify different dates and all the accounts are written in first person like they are happening at that precise moment.
There are two main settings in this book, the base of the book is set in the present time, but since Henry is a time traveller he tends to travel back in time often. There is one place in particular that he is always ran back to, which is a meadow that Clair lives in. this is where he first met her. They met we she was very young, but every time he came back he was of a different age.
When they meet Claire in present times, Claire is 20, she already knows a lot about henry due to meeting him so many times when she was younger. As you travel through the times you see flashbacks or the both of them becoming closer in the past and in the present. Due to Henrys conditions it is never easy for either of them to stay together but they appear to share a bond that can’t be broken.
I was very intrigued when reading this book as I loved the amount of detail that you experienced when Henry had gone back in time and vice versa. This book has also been made into a movie but there are some significant changes, the last scene changes between the book and the film but I would say the last scene in the book is has been captured better because it simply shows