The Tricky Part of an Auction Essay

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The most challenging part of the auction was biding against other people, budgeting our money, and not being able to precede over a thousand dollars. Biding against 27 other people was complicating because every time I would place a bet, I would either get out bided or I would’ve had to watch the amount of money I spend so I wouldn’t run out of the thousand dollars allotted to me. Budgeting my money was hard because when I really wanted an occupation I would’ve gotten out bided for it and I also needed to pick an occupation precisely so I would know how to use my money wisely.

The most important value to me was taking risks, meet challenges, and to have an exciting life. I wanted that occupation because it shows the kind of life that I would want to live and the kind of person that I am, who isn’t afraid of taking risks and facing challenges head on and being able to get the feeling of excitement when I would finally overcome the situation. My next value was to achieve mastery and success in all that I do because f I were to master all the things that I would set my mind to, I would be an unstoppable person. The reason being is because I would be so determined to be the best in everything no matter what obstacle that gets in my way of being a successful individual. My last value was earning more than a million dollars a year. By earning more than a million dollars a year, it would show the type of success that I have in my life. If I am able to earn that amount in a year I would be very proud of myself for achieving such success. And if all three of my values were to be met I would live a great and successful life.

By participating in the values auction, I realized that being quick on bidding is key to get the occupation that I want. That is important because in life if I want something badly I need to work and fight for what I want in order to be successful. Especially in bidding, I needed to work for on being the fastest I could be so I could get what I wanted. Also another thing that I had learned was that the higher I bided on an item, the less people would bid against you. By realizing that I could use that to go against people, meaning I would higher the bid to those who would really want the item and get them to spend more on one item so when it comes to