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The University of Miami The University of Miami is a private research university that contains students from all around the world. UM (University of Miami) is focused on teaching and learning and discovering new knowledge. It consists of 12 schools and colleges for undergraduate and graduate students. There are also over 180 majors and programs available. UM is the number one school in Florida, making it number 47 in the United States.
Admission Standards For admission to the University of Miami, there is not a minimum high school GPA or test score requirement. However, a freshman student that is applying and is competitive should have a strong A-/B+ average, around a 1,320 SAT and/or around a 30 ACT test score. They also should rank in the top 10% of their graduating high school class.
High School Curriculum Required To be accepted into the University of Miami, students are required to have earned their high school diploma of equivalent. For most programs, applicants do not have to take certain classes before they apply to UM. However, the admission committee looks at the student’s high school choice of classes to see if it relates to their major.
How to Apply To apply to the University of Miami, you need to submit:
• The Common Application, including the essay
• UM Common Application Supplement
• Non-Refundable $65 application fee
• Common Application Secondary School report
• Official High School transcripts (you also need to send official transcripts from dual enrollment college/other schools attend, if applicable)
• Official SAT/ACT test scores (you need to have you official scores sent directly from the College Board. They will also accept SAT/ACT as official if they are printed on your high school transcript)
• Letter of Recommendation (only one letter of recommendation is required)
There are many scholarships available at the University of Miami. One of the scholar-ships available is the 2010 Nursing Scholarship Program. This scholarship pays for tuition and education related expenses. That includes books, clinical supplies and laboratory fees. The scholarship winners agree to at least two years of service at a health facility with a critical shortage of nurses. The applicants must be free from any Federal judgment liens, existing service commitments and not delinquent on a federal debt.
Premedical Degree Requirements For the freshman year, a student that is going to be part of premedical studies, they need to:
• Attend the premedical orientation in August
• Sign up for a Premed 101 Group Session and open a premed file
• Join a Pre-Health organization
• Make good study habits and have A’s and B’s
• Make an academic plan
• Start volunteer work
• Look into undergraduate activities and get involved
• Develop/expand hobbies and interests If a student is going to be a part of premedical studies, the student needs to take:
• Two semesters of English
• Two semesters of College Mathematics
• Two semesters of General Biology with Lab
• Two semesters of General Chemistry with Lab
• Two semesters of Organic Chemistry with Lab
• Two semesters of Physics with Lab
• One semester of Biochemistry
There are also some recommended courses. They are:
• Physiology
• Genetics
• Cellular and Molecular Biology
• Microbiology
• Psychology
Computer Requirements At the University of Miami, having a personal computer is not entirely necessary. There are many available computes on campus to use. There are a number of computer labs available for students to use day and night.
The tuition for a full time student (12-20 credit hours) at UM is $18,481.00 per semester. Tuition per credit hour (excess of 20) is $1,538.00. The tuition for a part time student (1-11 credit hours), the student has to pay tuition per credit, which is $1,538.00. There are also fees that full time students must pay. They are:
• Activity fee $132.00
• Athletic fee