Essay about Marketing and Health Care Systems

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Dwana Kelley
Strayer University
Professor Kevin Williams
April 29, 2012

Marketing and Health care Systems The central concept of marketing is the exchange of something of value between the provider and the purchaser. Determining what the consumer need, want and desire and delivering it better than the competitors is the goal of marketing (Longest, Rakich and Darr, 2000). Healthcare is becoming more business oriented and using marketing tactics to increase consumer use of the services and products the health care system offers. Ensuring marketing of the right products and services is successful the organization’s mission and marketing need to be in alignment. This alignment begins with the strategic planning process, which
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2000). Mission statements are defines the reason an organization exist. It articulates the purpose, focus, and direction the organization is going (Forehand, 2000). A good mission statement is motivating to the staff and affirms a commitment to the organization’s purpose (Forehand, 2000). The mission statement tells the reader how the organization intends to achieve its vision. It provides employees with direction and elicits loyalty and commitment from the employee in fulfilling the mission.
SWOT Analysis
Product and Service Strategy A SWOT analysis provides insight into the potential and critical issues facing an organization. Strengths and weaknesses are internal to the organization whereas threats and opportunities are external to the organization. The product strategy for JHS is to provide quality services based on the market audit of the communities each facility serves. Conducting a market audit ensures the identification of the area the health system serves and evaluates the attributes, needs of the target market, satisfaction of present customers, and the extent of competition (Longest et al. 2000). This type of strategy allows product lines to be expanded, reduced, realigned, and focused (Longest et al. 2000). Since there are many entities to JHS the focus of this paper will be on the original facility, Jackson Memorial Hospital main