The Water Cycle Essay

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The water cycle is a natural processof converting the water particles from liquids, to solids and gasses and repeating it’s self on an annual basis (association, 2002). These processes may also been known as evaporation and transportation, condensation, precipitation and accumulation. The cycle continues to repeat itself. This process has been happening since the beginning of time, and plays a major part in our eco system, for example, evaporation is wheresun’s heat accelerates the particles in rivers, oceans, lakes ECT changing them from their liquid form to gasses known as vapours. These vapours are raised into the sky to create clouds. Past the point of evaporation they then begin the process of condensation, which is where the clouds begin to cool allowing the particles to regather and form a liquid. Depending on how cluttered the particles are the liquid will then begin to fall as either, rain, hail or snow, this is known as precipitation. Finally the collection, collection is where the rivers, oceans, lakes ECT will collect the water. Once all four stages are complete the cycle will than renew its self and start again. (facts, 2013)

(soft, 2012)

A cyclone is formed when the there is an excessive amount of evaporation out on open sea, these sea waters will need to be heated by the sun’s rays to approximately 26˚c or higher. There than must be a depression in the air (low air pressure). The large masses of water vapours will than begin to form a large