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Writing folio: The Wave

Imagine you are Laurie. Give a speech to the class showing why you made the choices you did.

From a little kid I was taught about discipline. I was taught that I should always do the right thing like sharing my toys or looking both ways before crossing the road. Through failure of discipline I learnt about consciences. Before long I was able to judge how my behaviour affected on me, in either a positive or negative way.
Discipline is no doubt important in our lives, sure, if we didn’t have it we would all be obnoxious, rude little brats. But the question is… How much discipline should one person have?
I remember as a child growing up I had a friend, Sally, me and her would spend hours together playing outside. Her mum would always tell her to be home by 4.00 on the dot. For most part, Sally did as she was told, she never liked displeasing her mum, at 4 years old who would? It was Friday after school and Sally and I were playing the sandpit, It was one of the best times I had with her, chatting a laughing away. The time ticked by until it got to 3:55, Sally jumped up and sprinted home as it usually took her 15 minutes to walk.
On Monday at school I saw Sally, she wasn’t in her usual happy, high spirit self, instead she was quiet and reserved. She told me that she couldn’t play for the rest of the month because she was 5 minutes late after her curfew. She also told me that her mum took away her toys, TV prilliagage and desert. I couldn’t help think… was her mum being serious? All because of 5 minutes? I went home confused and also a bit guilty as I got off lightly with only a lecture from my mum for being late.
I spent ages trying to figure out why her mum was being so harsh on her, and I haven’t figured it out till now… her mum was teaching her discipline. But let me ask you this… was it too much? Yes, yes, yes I know you all probably think it wasn’t, but let me tell you the rest of the story…
The month went by, and after her punishment was served, Sally was still different. She would spend the whole day dead silent in class and sit by herself at lunch. She would leave school as soon as the bell rang and rushed home, whenever I asked if she wanted to play she would shut me down and say “no I need to get home, I’m sorry”.
Sally’s mum was controlling her, not disciplining… controlling! Sally would do everything and anything her mum would ask her to do, she had no mind of her own and no independence. Life went on, we weren’t friends anymore and Sally was getting worse. At the age of 15 her mum passed away, Sally was beside herself, she felt lost, confused and scared. After being controlled her whole life, she was finally free from commands and orders. In the end Sally became highly depressed and needed intense amount of support as a result of her being so dependent on other people. Sally struggled for