The Wife of Bath Essay

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The Wife of Bath There are several stories within the Canterbury Tales. One of Chaucer’s more contemporary and popular stories is The Wife of Bath. The tale takes place during the days of King Arthur and is about an ugly woman who learns by accident that true beauty lies within. How might The Wife of Bath fit in today’s society? Would her standing be that of what we consider celebrity or royal status, or would she be looked down on due to her numerous marriages? This tale gives a look into the lives of women back during the middle ages. The Wife of Bath wore tasteful clothing. Her clothes were drenched in rich scarlet colors, and she wore shoes with shiny leather. Scarlet was an expensive dye during the late middle ages and this demonstrates how wealthy she is. The town she lives in is known for being a town that specializes in seamstress work. Her clothing is very extravagant so that her social standing is recognized from the first moment she is seen. She also works as a seamstress in the town of Bath; therefore she shows her experience through the lavish garments she wears. The Wife of Bath is one of the wealthier people in town. She uses her experiences with her five marriages to make her way in the world by using any means necessary to get where she needs to be. She is very intellectual and also very argumentative. In a time where their husbands dominated women, she used her body to control her husbands and others. People in the town of Bath thought of the Wife