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After reading these chapters, you are to draw upon all you have studied in this course and critically reflect on your values and beliefs about adult learners and adult learning. 289 of the Merriam and Caffarella
Use these five criteria to write a personal statement about your values and beliefs about adult learning. you may have your own ideas; for others, you may find your values and beliefs reflected in the works of a particular theory or theorist This is an assignment asking you to integrate what you know from your personal experience and what you have learned in this course into a personal view of adult learning.

I have learned alot about the adult learner and the process’s the each individual takes through their learning expiernces. My belief of the nature of human beings and the adult as a learner has been cleared up. I see now that everyone has those own paths based off their expierences and each indivdual must find what motivates them to want to become a better learner. Humans by nature I feel want to suceed but sometimes have trouble finding the necssary means to do so. I have also realized that the purposes of continuing education is great for it dictates your social status in society. The more education one has usually trascends to a better job and life which leads to a better feeling of fullfillment. Society classes are based largely upon ones education and how they have reached internal and external expectations. My belief towards what knowledge and curriculum consitute is that each can be widely interperted to many theories. Formal and informal learning and self directed learning all can be tied into learning a certain curriculum and expanding your knowledge in differnt ways. Behavorist theory is one theory of learning in which one trys to change their behavior for learning in a desired direction, something in which I have had to do before in trying to get back into school. Learning can come from anywhere formal or informal, in a institution or on ones own. Each individual just must choose to particpate and must find their purpose in wanting to continue their education. One must find ways to stay motivated in their education and keep the hunger of learning with them for it will create a better life.

When thinking back on my education expierinces, I realize how my personal beliefs and values have affected where I am today in my course of action through education/learning. I feel oppurtunity have slipped away from me during highschool in becoming a college student and pursing a higher education then career. I dropped out of high school my senior year wth three months to graduate only to obtain my GED the next month. Since then I have been on shakey road through online courses and community college classes trying to get myself back to University standards. I believe that the people aroud me have always been helpful and I have had great external support from all areas of family/friends and teachers which I never utilize properly. “Ones faith in the potential in people for affecting their life situation underlies much of adult learning,” says Kazemek. I believe that continuing my education will lead to a happier and more complete life in which I imagined at a young age along with my peers. Everyone in my family has gone to a major University right