Three Day Intake Essay

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After reviewing my food intake for three days, I see the changes I need to make to my diet. I received gastric bypass about two years ago and I had to teach myself to eat again. It was very hard and did very well in the first year, but seeing my diet for three days shows me I have lost my way to a healthy life. As a gastric bypass recipient it is vital I get all the essential vitamins and minerals. When my body does not receive the correct amount, I start to become ill. It is very important I get my daily dose of protein. While the Dietary Reference Intake indicates I reach the daily dose of protein, it does not consider that I need more than the regular person. My average daily dose is 64 grams, when I should really be getting around 80 grams a day (Brinkley, 2010). Most of the protein in my diet is derived from complete proteins like meat; about 25 percent is taken in from incomplete proteins like beans, grains, and nuts. There are ways to make these complementary; combining incomplete proteins to form complete proteins. It is important to know the processes of combining proteins because dietary restrictions can limit what a person eats, for instance a vegetarian would need to learn how to form complete proteins without meat, to stay healthy.
According to the Dietary Reference Intake I do not eat enough carbohydrates, at 44 percent. If I had not have had gastric bypass I would be concerned I am not getting enough carbohydrates, but since I did have the surgery I am not. Carbohydrates have a tendency to make my blood sugar rise. Although I am happy with the amount of carbohydrates I eat, I do believe I could get them from healthier foods like whole grains rather than fast food. The amount of lipids I receive daily was startling. My body does not absorb vitamins or fats and store them as normal person would, so the amount I need to receive would be greater. I do not meet the requirements for an average person, let alone requirements for someone who had gastric bypass. The food I eat which have lipids are primarily meat and eggs.
I am surprised to see my macronutrient intake ranges are not to par. If I continue to eat too few proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids: my growth, muscles, my brain, and my intestines all suffer; resulting in an unhealthy body. When my vitamins and protein are at low levels I feel very sluggish and cannot concentrate very well.
My fiber intake is very low at 8 grams compared to the suggest 25 grams. My fiber is low because I rarely eat vegetables and fruits. In the span of three days I ate one serving of vegetables and no servings of fruit; if I incorporate more in my daily diet I would be meeting the recommended fiber. Snacks are a good way to get daily doses of fiber, rather than french fries, I could start trying to eat an apple. An alternative to eating fruits and vegetables, one can drink fiber enriched drinks like Metamucil (Yahoo Health, 2009). Meeting daily fiber requirements is important to do every day. During the three days I recorded my meals I did not eat much