Three Reasons Why People Should Go To College

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Three Reasons Why People Should Go To College
By Pohai Wessel “Education helps us be better people. It helps us be better citizens. You came to college to learn about the world and to engage with new ideas, and to discover the things you’re passionate about.” -Barack Obama. This essay will explain how college gives you the opportunity to earn more money, gain independence, and will prepare people for jobs opportunities. This essay will explain the benefits of going to college, and why college is worth all of the hard work.
Firstly, college allows people to be more prepared for jobs opportunities, as they graduate from college. “A highest education can prepare you for work, but also gives you the flexibility to change jobs and job locations.” (6 reasons to go to college, The quote explains how a higher education can not only prepare people for work, but will prepare people to be flexible with different jobs, and their location.
Secondly, having a college degree will earn graduates more money. “For employers,
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“College is expensive. According to the college board, the average 2014-2015 tuition and fees at a public 4 year in-state college $9,139, and 31,231 for a public nonprofit 4 year school, which doesn't even count room and board.” (5 reasons you shouldn't go to college. College may cost a great deal of money, however there are scholarships that will pay for college. If students work hard, they will qualify for scholarships. Finally, college will allow young adults to gain independents. “College allows students to begin to live independently from mom and dad, but in a controlled environment.” (Top ten reasons to go to college This quote proves that college allows students to live independently from their parents. Young adults will begin to pay for their own things, live on their own and begin to go out in the world as an