Time Management Assignment

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Student Name: Elizabeth Dixon
Assignment Title: Time Management Assignment
Date Assigned: September 26th
Date Due: October 10th Growing up everyone always said to get prepared now because college is going to be a big adjustment. Understandably you’re going to be living on your own without anyone to tell you what to do, in new surroundings with new people and just overall having to be completely independent. Personally I am a pretty independent person so I didn’t think this change was going to be difficult in any way but as a shock to me, it was. In high school, the workload was incomparably less than the workload in college. In high school I would receive a small amount of homework in each class most nights but in college the amount of work given is much greater but I’m given more time to complete it. However, this leads to me having to figure out how to manage my time wisely. In high school I was given homework that night due the next day so I would go home and do it right away after any extracurricular activities. However, in college I’m either given a few days or even a week to complete my work so I don’t have to do it right away. Although I get all of my work done, I’ve noticed that I’ve been putting more stuff off until the due date approaches because I find time to do other things rather than my homework. Aside from completing the work given, being in a different learning environment is also an adjustment. The biggest class I ever had in high school was 30 people and it was an elective but now I have 2 lectures, one with 700 people and the other with 200. Luckily I am able to maintain focus in these lectures but it is definitely a change. However, I am mostly still able to participate the way I used to but sometimes it’s harder to ask questions because the professor doesn’t realize your hand is up because there are so many people in the class. My other three classes are smaller and have around 20-50 people in them. On average these are larger than what I am used to but it is much easier to get involved in the class compared to the lecture halls. Another difference between high school and college that I’ve noticed is that you’re in this new environment with people you’ve never met before while in high school you’ve been growing up with the same people your whole life. Making new friends was never an issue for me because everyone was generally alike but coming to a large