To Drive Performance Essay

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Principles of Management
December 12, 2013
To Drive Performance, Manage the “Whole Employee”

Contribution: The article’s main purpose is to open the eyes of management, getting them to look not just at the employees working below them but to look at the individual. Speaking on the attitude that undo stress and strain is being put on all involved because management is not looking at the big picture; only concerned with the stresses of everyday issues. This is something that is seen throughout the workforce. The article speaks of managing the whole employee, understanding that there are several dimensions. Theory: The theory that putting the human back into human resource management is clearly and organized in an effective way. This allows the author to work through the possibilities of better understanding each employee thereby helping to accomplish its goal.
Statistical Method: The article claims that by stepping back and looking at the picture and disregarding the daily stresses can present a win-win situation for both the employee and management. In no way downplaying the day-to-day issues that management deals with, but putting them into perspective.
Also understanding that employees are not robots with issues outside of work; too often I have heard, “Do not bring your personal problems to work.” The fact that a manager takes the time to understand what is going with an employee’s family can affect the work being done and their performance could reflect with a downward spiral.
Weakness: I believe that the article can be looked as if management should cater to every need of its employees, this…