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Chapter 5.

Question 1. You're the supervisor of the group of employees whose task is to assemble disk drives that go into computers. You find that quality is not what it should be and that many of your group's devices come back for re-work; your boss says, "You'd better start doing a better job of training your workers."
A. what are some of the "staffing" factors that could be causing this problem?
Answer 1(A):
Employees working to assemble disk drives could have following problem:
1. Might not have right qualification/ or be trained to assemble disk drives.
2. They might not be following correct manual directions to assemble.
3. They might not have been informed about company's mission to reduce re-work and increase customer satisfaction in the orientation.
4. They did not get vestibule training and were directly brought to shop floor.
5. Might be, they did not get right training to assemble disk drives.

B. Explain how you would go about assessing whether it is in fact a training problem.
Answer 1(B):
This will involve task analysis technique. I would start by looking at the job description and job specification of the employees who were hired as disk drive assemblers. Then match, if skills required for disk assembly matched the job description. If there is gap between job description and skill of employees known as "skill gapping", then a training program would be required to improve the skill and knowledge of the disk drive assemblers. For existing employees, performance analysis should be done for performance deficiency…