To Kill A Mockingbird Who Am I

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Adam Catallo-Stooks
English 9 Regents
2 June 2011

If I were to ask myself “Who am I” the character most like me is Jem in the novel to kill A Mocking Bird. The reason I have chose him as a character like me because we both show responsibility, we care about our family member as in watching out for each other. The one most thing we have in common is we are both hard working at what we do to make sure of what we do is right to do. Some character traits that I and Jem have is responsibility, respect and caring. One way how me and Jem show responsibility is that we have young sisters and when they feel like there is danger we protect our siblings. In another words they may not know what’s there so Jem and I are always being on our toes to be on the lookout. Respect is one of the biggest things that Jem and I have in common. Jem shows his respect to scout as a sister when there is a problem like getting into trouble and fooling around and getting into fights. Another way He shows respect is when he supports Atticus during the court decision. I show respect to my sister because when my sister causes trouble or does not do something right I show my respect by telling her I next time I wouldn’t do that next time or don’t be that person. Another way I show respect is by helping my mom with things she needs help with like mowing along with other things. These are ways me and Jem show respect.
If I were to think how I would want people to describe me in a piece of literature, I would want them to describe me as a a nice, knowing, caring and hard working. I say