Toefl: Foreign Languages Essay

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TOEFL Eassay One
Nowadays,a lot of people tend to learn one or more foreign languages. In my case, I would like to say it is much better for people to learn foreign languages in the country which it is spoken than learn that in their own country.
The advocates for learning a foreign language in their own country is better may maintain that it is more easier for a beginner to study the foreign language.Most people know that the vocabulary,pronunciation and grammar are the fundamentals of any language.If a person know nothing about the language he or she need to study,it is really hard for him or her to get in groups or friends circles.And this may discourage them, make them feel lonely and even want to give up learning that language.
However,there are more advantages for people who choose to learn a foreign language in the country which it is spoken.The first advantage I would like to mention is learning in the country which it is spoken can help people improve their learning quickly.Because the environment influences learning a lot.For example,one of my father’s friend immigrated to Canada ten years ago.When she first stepped on this country,she knew little about English and what she can say is just “Hello!”,”Thank you!”.After half year working in a restaurant,to us surprise,she can communicate with local people fluently.Also,studying in the country which the language is spoken make people to learn not only the language itself but also the background of the country or