Essay about Toms Shoes Marketing Case Study

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Executive summary
TOMS Shoes(TM) was found in 2006, the founder Tom Mycoskie aimed that for every single pair of shoes the company sells, they give away one pair of free shoes to the child that needed(Armstrong and Kolter,2011). This concept is highly suited the current marketing environment, it built a strong market position by matched their customers view of self to their brand image. These strength has lead to the company's success in the shoe industry. However weakness of the company are, the company only uses the power of mouth, and refuses to advertising previously. On top of that,the fabric shoes they made is mainly focuses on the colleague students and teenagers(Schectman,2010). Opportunity for the company might be to expand
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Case analysis and questions As the founder of TM, Blake Mycoskie aimed to serving the need of children by building a profit business(WWD,2010). By building a brand image that suit the current marketing environment, the business earned great success in the shoe industry. The strength of such company is that TM understand the current marketing environment trends. First of all, TM has created face book,twitter and space account in order to get to more of the generation Y, this is because TM understands the trend of populations are changing, nearly 80% people are using social network these days(Armstrong and Kolter,2011). Currently, markets increased emphasis on socially responsible behavior and it has strongly influenced the success of TM(Armstrong and Kolter,2011). By founding a company which is completely cause-related missions, TM has created a one-for-one donation strategy in order to fit the environment(Armstrong and Kolter,2011).TM understand the market trends, the cause-related business has been built in order to fit the market environment trends, so that he knows the company can doing well by giving away free shoes, because it linking customers' purchased with a social responsible behavior(Armstrong and Kotler,2011).This is very important because by understanding the market environment and design a strategy which fits the market is the key