Tourism in Bangladesh Essay

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2.5. About Bangladesh:
The birth of the Bangladesh was in year 1971, with the medievalist of the Europeans history , and great feature of geographical advantages. This land is the combinations of creators gathered around from the various countries of the globe. The demodulation of the Bangladesh history would be an hard task to accomplish because of the unavailability if the source of information’s explained by (Chowdhury,2004). From the ruling of Gupta’s the Bangladesh history was owned by the Muslims before 13th century ,since then the wide spread of Islamic culture is in practice among the civilians of the local communities, which continued up to 550years .
2.6. Climate, Geography & Famous Tourist destinations of Bangladesh:
Bangladesh is the land with 144,000 sqkm ,with plenty of rivers provided by the nature . It is the blessed with good cultivating land ,with the river floating Brahmaputra and Ganges(Ahmed ,2004). The major advantage being the cultivating land which yield ton of revenue annually , along with this annual flooding will occur because of the flat low ground surface. Among all the areas of the Bangladesh the only hill station is the tracts of Chittagong hill. The climatic conditions are similar to that of other regions consisting of winter, summer, autumn and fall, providing good weather suitable for all ranges of people. Largely found fauna and 200 water livings varieties, 250 mammals breads ,150 reptile bread and 750 bird varieties, are expensively found all over the Bangladesh. The areas of the Bengal royal tiger , Elephant shepherds , and the leopard being the main attractions of the hill of Chittagong tracts.
Figure [ 4 ]: Map of Bangladesh

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2.7. Culture , Politics & Economy:
The population of around 142.4millions and would rise up to 250 million by the end of year 2035 prediction given by the (BBS,2006 & 2008) .The high percent of people are found commonly speaking the language of Bengali and are recognised as Bengalese. The domination of regional culture is Muslims 80% ratio ,with least percentage of Hindus 16% and remaining from the other caste. The population composition in 2008 is given in table 2.

Table [ 2 ]: Population Composition by Religion Total Population | 142.4 million | Population growth rate | 2.06% | Major Religions | Muslim 83% | | Hindus 16% | | Others 1% |

The percentage of people living in the village are 77% ,which are located near to the river banks and canals , giving the civilian opportunities for agriculture advantage , given by (BBS,2003).The political status of the Bangladesh is the head choose by the parliament , president and prime minister act in mutual interest with the forces of army . the main power carried by the prime minister for the policies and the developments in the country. Around 44% rate of poverty is noted in the country , (WB,2006). The life survival rate increased from 40years to 62 years from 1970-2006 , reported by (BBS,2006). The gross domestic profit of the country increased by 5%, by just eradicating poverty by 1%. In the recent years the economic growth of the Bangladesh certainly increased from $78985 million Gross domestic profit in year 2007 and $554 income of per capita (BB ,2008). Table 3 presents the GDP growth rate over the last five years which on average is more than 6% and it increased from 1.7% in 1985 to 6.2% in 2007.
Table [ 3 ]: GDP Growth over Five Years (2004-2008) | 2004-05 | 2005-06 | 2006-07 | 2007-08 | GDP Growth % | 6.0 | 6.6 | 6.5 | 6.2 |
Source : BB. 2009.

The main GDP share was of agriculture in the year 1970, after the years passing the downfall seen in 20% by 2005 , the overall population of Bangladesh is mostly dependent on the agriculture being the main source of living explained by (BBS,2006). Eventually the agriculture is being taken over by the industries and services providing sectors being the leader in the top of the source of living.