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Assignment 1

1. To be a trading city, 3 factor have to be active:
- Someone has to benefit for the trade between the two cities.
- Creating a benefit for trade will increase competition for a piece of the action
- Creating competition will create merchants from other regions to trade the shirt and bread from wherever they come form.
2. Beer and Wine
- Most Breweries create their products because their final product is the heaviest thus making their shipping costs greater, so it makes sense if they bring all the ingredients and make the product close by.
- Wineries operate far from where they distribute their products, to prepare wine at it's best, they make the wine close to the gardens of grapes to. Not only that, but thanks to the facts wine is a weight losing product (product that is easier to ship prepared), it's much better to make the wine where the grapes have the best climate to grow.
- When it comes to the beer, the beer should be evenly distributed through the whole region, they would be located at the 30 and 90 miles, splitting them across 60 miles. When it comes to the wine, they only want to cover half the region so they 120 mile does not apply to them, only 60 does. The wineries should be split at the 15 and 45 miles ranges, splitting them across 30 miles.
3. Urban Economic and the city of your choice

- If I were to choose a city, I'd choose the city of Punta Cana. When it comes to the Dominican Republic, tourism is one of they major assets in this country. I chose this country because that's where my parents were born and raised. The creation of tourism in the Dominican Republic has increased economic growth. That created a line of merchants to sell many novelty items and knick knacks around the secluded area of Punta Cana. Sad thing about this is in the capital of the country which is Santo Domingo crime and poverty is relatively high, so the country is almost entirely secluded between the touristic resorts and the rest of the country.

4. Essay on "Reinventing Boston" In Edward L. Glaeser’s article, “Reinventing Boston: 1630-2003”, he greatly discussed how Boston managed to survive the many periods they were ion decline and the steps and skills necessary to make it survive and thrive throughout the centuries. Based upon the essay, Boston has been able to survive and thrive due to lucky external factors. Boston in the 18th century was becoming at a disadvantage because places like New York and Philadelphia had better way to trade, so it became a problem. What Boston did have is a very skilled and educated labor force to keep them afloat and survive that dilemma, and successful trades with places like China In the late 19th century, Boston had itself a second helping of a stagnant economy with the invention of the steam ships, people were also not trading mainly through sea anymore, there was also a great influx of people from Ireland, suddenly manufacturing and factories was the glue that held Boston together, because of the Irish immigrants wanting to live close together, they settled close to where they worked, creating a heavier populated Boston. They chose to live their because aside from having people that shared their faith