Transformation Systems Essay

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Target Organization: Canada Post Corporation

1. The main transformation process for Canada Post is mail and parcel delivery. The inputs needed for this process are warehousing; equipment; storage bins; operational and retail employees; transportation vehicles; shoppers; and stock of goods. The typical desired output is to provide Canadians with fast and efficient delivery of letter mail and parcels both nationally and worldwide.

2. Since Canada Post’s main business involves the service of mail and parcel delivery, the mix between production and service for this process is approximately 5% production and 95% service. The 5% production accounts for the small amount of retail items offered for sale on behalf of Canada Post, ie. stamps, parcel boxes, memorabilia, etc. which are mostly outsourced to a 3rd party manufacturer.

3. In regards to the product-process matrix, Canada Post’s process type is that of the Repetitive/Assembly line.

For the service-system design matrix Canada Post’s process would fall under the Internet and on-site technology model.

4. I have placed the process type to Repetitive/Assembly Line due to Canada Post’s high volumes of standardized services. This method allows continuous processing of letter mail and parcels in Canada Post facilities nationwide in order to convey these items from the initiator to the appropriate end recipient accordingly.

The internet and on-site technology model was chosen as the service-system because a lot of Canada Post’s business is done online through, online shopping retailers, e-post, their main website and their point of sale terminals, with pre arranged pricing and delivery methods. This keeps production efficiency relatively high while the sales opportunities remain somewhat constant.

5. Since Canada Post is a Crown Corporation, its main strategic operational goals are to operate at high delivery efficiency while keeping costs as low as possible in order to turn a profit. This includes a new focus on