Travels Through The Interior Parts Of America Summary

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Review on Travels through the interior parts of America:In a series of letters

Travels through the interior parts of America is a collection of letters written by an officer in the French army traveling to Canada during the Seven Years War between France and Britain. The writer, Thomas Anburey, wrote the series of letters to address his good friend about the experience and interesting things he observed in that journey. The readers can learn a lot about the contemporary Canadian history by reading the letters in the writing style employed in the book as a record of the experience of a journey through the vast fields of the North America. Despite the fact that it could neither be classified into the literature works nor in the historical records, this book went through an experience resembling that of the works of the great painter, Van Gogh, in that the special values and excellent attraction of both of them were ignored by the contemporary public, but then got to be recognized by the public about their outstanding values.

By way of creating a vivid description of the obviously different appearance and lifestyles of the people living in those regions recorded in the contents of the letters, as an officer in the contemporary French army dedicated to fight against the British Army during the great historical event of the Seven Years War between France and the Great Britain in Canada in the latter half of the 18th century, the author took great enthusiasm in recording his extraordinary experiences he had while traveling along with the French army through the vast fields and rivers of Canada in the form of a series of private letters written to his friend at home (Wrong, M. 2005). Such a kind of enthusiasm can be revealed everywhere in the detailed description of the process of the author’s travel to their destination place in the center of the country.

It is a good idea to apply an integrated comprehension of the relevant social and cultural backgrounds witnessed at that duration of the author’s writing the many letters included in this book, Travels through the interior parts of America, so as to have a deep and thorough understanding of the major intention and implication of the author’s creating this work at that special period of war time in the history of Canada in North America. Seen from the specific historical events occurred at that time, the creation of this book is bound to cause great aftermaths on those researchers and people who are particularly interested in the glorious history of the people living in North America for their hard times and the tremendous efforts they shared to strive for leading a stable life at home in Canada against wars (Spade, S. 2008).

In the seven years between France and the Great Britain, people in Canada were under the control of the colonists from various countries, especially from the Great Britain and France. Whenever at such historical occasions, people living in the contemporary Canada were more likely to be filled with something inspiring enough to motivate them to share no efforts in making their due contribution to their country under the efficient leadership of their great and beloved leaders. The author was also filled with such a kind of inspiration in the process of traveling through the North parts of America in that duration, passionately keeping such a series of letters to reveal from different aspects and perspective the outstanding beauty of Canada in the eyes of an foreigner or colonist, especially soldiers in the French Army. Although the author was not used to or intentionally avoided directly claiming that Canada, the target fields of their visit to America, was so charming that he would contribute a lot for protecting it from being taking up by others, the readers still can easily witness the great positive willingness of him sacrificing for it to the end. However, the French Army suffered a failure in the 7-year war against the British colonists.