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Trend Analysis As you drive down any city road you notice it lined with fast food restaurants on either side of the road. Their food is greasy, their workers mainly young and inexperienced, yet the businesses thrive. Worldwide fast food sales total 110 billion dollars annually. Fast food popularity has many causes all of them created by the hand of humans. The effects of fast food can be seen anywhere in our country.
Fast food restaurants have roots tied to food vendors in Pre-Modern Europe and roman society. Where large apartment buildings supplied adequate housing and shelter but rarely provided a kitchen. Their residents became dependant on the street vendors to eat. As time went on the vendors advanced to small buildings and grew to a more lucrative business. Automobiles grew in popularity and more affordable after World War I, drive-in restaurants were introduced. White Castle is generally credited with opening the first hamburger chain, selling hamburgers for five cents apiece. Among its advantages, the company allowed their customers to see the food as it was prepared. White Castle was successful from its start and many competitors tried their own take on the fast food franchise. The increased speed of these fast food restaurants over that of their sit down competitors, only help them grow in popularity. (Fast Food) Fast food restaurants serve around 50 million Americans daily. There are 160,000 fast food restaurants in America to satisfy the public. Rarely does someone sit down rest and talk with friends but more often people eat quickly and not talk to anybody. America’s busy life style has lead to the birth of fast food style and fast food restaurants. However great in idea, they cause many negative things in people’s lives. (Fast Food Statistics)
Eating fast food can be very harmful for the body. People gain weight because at these restaurants when they eat quickly and unbalanced. The things they eat are very high in calories as a result getting fat is all but inevitable. Fast food contains high amounts of fat, and that fat builds up in the body. The more weight gained, the higher risk there is for serious chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. It could even lead to a heart attack. The high levels of fat and sodium in junk food can also cause high blood pressure. (9 Most Successful Fast-Food Chains)
Another negative effect of fast food restaurant is they can make people become isolated from the society around them. As they adopt eating only they talk less to anyone, they rarely converse and hardly ever spend time with their friends also people can get depressed.
A more immediate effect, of high levels of fat is that it may lead to poor performance in their days. Consumers may feel tired and have trouble concentrating because the body might not be getting enough oxygen.
Fast food does not have the nutrients that a body needs to stay healthy. As a result, the consumer may feel tired and lack the energy needed to complete even the simplest daily tasks. The high levels of sugar in some fast food puts your metabolism out of its norm; when you eat refined sugar, your pancreas produces high amounts of insulin to stop a dangerous spike in blood sugar. Since fast food doesn't have enough protein and good carbohydrates, your blood sugar levels will drop.
However large the list of negative fast food restaurants effects, it does have several positive effects. One obvious advantage to having fast food restaurants is that they are cheap. During economic recessions every cent counts; and families with financial pressures are looking for the best deals out there. Fast food is the best choice, since it appeals to kids’ picky tastes, and their parent’s tight budget. Fast food restaurants make food so cheap, that they have a dollar or value menu, enabling people to have a whole meal for next to nothing. Fast food chains help the economy greatly. Even though fast food is relatively cheap it