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Audience: adults who are potentially buying a smartphone

Have you ever taken the time to think about how the smartphone in your pocket probably has more technology than it took to put a man on the moon? They have been among one of the most revolutionary changes in the past decade. A smartphone can be defined as “a cellular telephone with built-in applications and internet access” (Definition of Smartphone). More often than not, you see someone holding an iPhone, a blackberry or an android as opposed to a simple flip phone. Only 2 in every 5 adults own a cellphone that is not a smartphone. 46% of Americans have a smartphone, and surprisingly 14% of total cell phone owners don’t even know whether or not they have a smart phone (Choney). These statistics complement each other in the sense that as the percentage of people who own smartphones increases, so does the percentage of people who do not know whether their phone could be considered a smartphone or not. The range of ages of people who have one of these is substantially large because even I have seen such a broad spectrum, from elementary school students to senior citizens. The use of smartphones for tourism, entertainment, business, and simple communication, has helped contribute to this global trend. Wherever you go, you see people constantly doing something on their cell phones. One of the greatest attractions of a smartphone is the app store, where the owner of the phone can purchase applications like games for a charge or for free, depending on the app. Games and social networks such as twitter, instagram, and facebook all provide a direct form of entertainment to some smartphone owners. Tourism is becoming dependent on smartphones as well. When tourists go to visit other places, they can easily capture photos or videos on their phones and then are able to upload those to the internet and share them with the rest of the world. With internet being so conveniently accessible, people can also – as they say – “google” something to look up information about it with just the touch of a button.
The technological advances that smartphones provide have been able to aid in the development of business productivity. It has become so common that it is now more of a demand that high-class businesses use smartphones to advertise or present information during important consultations. In the business world, smartphones also aid in communication. For example, with the face-time luxury of an Apple product (iPhone, iPad, Macbook) people can have virtual face-to-face conferences to make important decisions even if they are halfway around the world.
Along with all the extra abilities that a smartphone comes with, it also allows for the thing that cell phones were originally invented for: basic communication. One is still able to make and