Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Essay

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Lions of Tsavo, Africa, 1898 This event occurred in 1898 during the construction of a railroad bridge that would connect Kenya to Uganda. This project had spanned over a period of three years and local officials were under pressure from the British government to complete the task. During this time, a number of railroad workers disappeared, eventually lion attacks were found to be the cause of the disappearances. Conversely, this event occurred during imperialism, therefore, the workers were viewed as commodities and their safety was not valued. The lesson learned from this case study is that administrators must take safety precautions that do not compromise other duties. There must be proper channels in place and roles and responsibilities …show more content…
It occurred as a result of a poor ventilation system and resulted in the death of over 300 people. The lesson that can be taken away from this case study is the importance of planning. The mine was located in a community and local officials did not have an emergency rescue or evacuation plan established. Having proper equipment and methods for rescuing people in the event of an emergency is crucial for reducing the amount of people affected by a catastrophic event.
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire occurred in New York City in 1901 as a result of poorly enforced building codes. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory had been cited several times for its building code violations. This case study highlights the importance of having and enforcing building codes. This tragedy could have easily been avoided if the building codes were enforced and the factory was forced to close down while the issues were addressed.
Bomb at Haymarket Square The Haymarket Square bombing occurred in Chicago in1886 during a labor protest. The Haymarket Square case study provides an example of a man-made, intentional disaster and highlights the importance of having adequate manpower when large protests and gatherings take place. Administrators must be proactive in evaluating a situation and have the proper channels in place just in case an event like this does